Kitrina Johnson
Today I experienced what it feels like to have an Opti Clean house! I set an appointment and in two days the same week, someone was there to clean my house! It was very short notice. The job was accepted, They were punctual and professional . Justice assessed my house and went to work. You know how most house keeping services ask what part of the house is most important to you? Because they say they want to make sure that area sparkles . That didn’t happen with Opti Clean, because my entire house was important. Justices made me fee that if it was important enough for me to live here then the entire house is important enough to make sure it was cleaned. There was an eye for details, small things like the dust that settles In the tiny comers of my wooden cabinet doors. My house feels wonderful! I actually sat down and felt good about my house! Every room was cleaned! I am very happy, elated and impressed with the passion in which my house was cleaned with and made to feel like a warm cottage home. I would recommend OptiClean to anyone! They will make sure you are not dissatisfied. Or It is going to be made right! Thank you Justice you made me a believer!
Phillip M.
Justice was thorough and courteous and quick.
Maurice Norman
This young man did a great job cleaning my apartment! If you should need a person that loves to clean he is your guy! Thanks Justus! I was out of town and when I returned everything was perfectly done!!!
Erin Quinlin
Justus has been consistently professional and high quality. He's responsive and accommodating, and I've always found his work to be great. With other cleaners I'll find one or two areas that didn't quite get cleaned, but with Justus there is never anything I can find that could have been cleaned better - it's always pristine. He shows up on time and his rates are fair. I recommend his services to anyone who needs a top-notch cleaning.